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Riccardo Corso



Are you looking for Riccardo Corso? The one who lives in Genoa, Italy? Who likes movies, comics, cats, Japanese culture? Working in the field of Information technology (IT), web design especially? It looks like you found me.

Disambiguation (as they say on Wikipedia):
If you are looking for a guitarist bearing the same name, you are in the wrong place: I can play some chords, but the true guitar player you're looking for is probably this guy I had the pleasure to know.

Now that we got rid of any misunderstanding, here is some additional information about…

This website

All the contents of this website, when not otherwise stated, are copyright by me (Riccardo Corso, as you already know).

As always (I talk about this in my online CV, as well) I tried to build this site's pages following the guidelines for Web Standards, usability and accessibility, in order to make them browsable by most users no matter the devices, browsers and operating systems they use.

Some people (even webmasters, unfortunately) do not clearly understand the reasons for this: in short, it is an effort to respect the people who will read these pages and grant everybody a pleasant browsing.

P.S. You may have noticed that these pages are not annoying you with "cookie policy" warnings or stuff like that. This is because tracking, profiling and similar techniques are not used throughout this website.