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Riccardo Corso


There are a few ways to find me in the vast and infinite net. (—almost quot.)
The first one is this website and you already know it, of course…

Now that you're here, be it for work, friendship or any other reason, you may want to contact me. The best choice is the e-mail address below:

Granted, you can find me on some Social Networks, as well; but I am not a frequent or enthusiastic user. If for some reason you'd rather use them instead of the good old e-mail address, you can also (but please let me know who you are or why you are contacting me) look for me on:

As I was saying, though, do not count on these too much!
The e-mail address provided above is the preferred and quickest way to get in touch with me; rest assured that I check it much more than the social networks…