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Riccardo Corso


Welcome to my "web presence"; it is unusually set up, I know. That's because some pages (as this one and those linked by the menu items above) were newly written during the website restyling, while other pages already existed and I wanted to include them here as (sub)sections without having to rewrite them: I'm happy with the way they are and I cannot see a real reason to make changes. Thus, the site will not have a uniform look and feel, but please consider the menu pages as a sort of "table of contents" to bring everything together.

Please note that the menu items above link in some cases to short introductions to the real sections: from there, you'll be able to delve further.

Throughout the website there should always be (at the top, usually) a way to get back to this page: when you see a link saying "Riccardo Corso" (or something similar) and follow it, you will probably end up here!

I suggest you to read the menu links' introductions first, but the impatient readers (I know you're out there) will find below shortcuts to go directly to some of the sections.

By now, I think that you know everything you need to have a comfortable look around here.


In case someone is interested from a professional point of view, my informal style résumé can give an idea about my skills.


A newsletter about all the events in Genoa that I think are worth taking part in.


An old version of my website containing information that, nevertheless, someone could find useful or interesting; therefore, those pages are still available here.