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Riccardo Corso


This is the "professional" part of my web space; while the rest of the site is about more personal topics, here we talk about work: computer science, in my case, since I like to work in IT related fields.

My main focus is on web design and everything that contributes to the building of a web page (HTML5 & XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and so on).

By this time, I've come to know the main operating systems and applications well enough to get good results when there is the need to fix most of the common software issues.

In the computers' field, a decent hardware knowledge can be very useful: sometimes the only way to understand what's wrong with a device is to open it.

All in all, the advice I can offer ranges from website creation to software (and hardware, to some extent) problems support.

But all this (and much more) is better explained in my…

online CV/résumé
(currently not available in English)

…an informal version of my Curriculum Vitae that can give a good idea of my professional skills.

In any case – information, advice and all – you can contact me here.

Here is a list of websites that I designed and are publicly browsable (other sites are part of private Intranets, or are only accessible as "demos" in my archives); most of them do not currently have an English version, though: