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Riccardo Corso


Welcome to my "web presence"; it is unusually set up, I know. That's because some pages (as this one and those linked by the menu items above) were newly written during the website restyling, while other pages already existed and I wanted to include them here as (sub)sections without having to rewrite them: I'm happy with the way they are and I cannot see a real reason to make changes. Thus, the site will not have a uniform look and feel, but please consider the menu pages as a sort of "table of contents" to bring everything together.

Please note that the menu items above link in some cases to short introductions to the real sections: from there, you'll be able to delve further.

Throughout the website you should always find (at the top, usually) a way to get back to this page: when you see a link that reads Riccardo Corso, Rixx, or something similar, by following it you will probably end up here!

Well then, I think that you know everything you need to have a comfortable look around here.